BOOTCAMP: Bootcamp classes are 45 minutes of sweat dripping, heart pumping fun in a group fitness setting. Instructors will lead you through a workout using a mix of functional fitness, strength training and cardio exercises to strengthen your body and mind while bringing you to your max calorie burn. The music is turned up high, the energy is electric and trainers are encouraging you to push to be your best. You will leave feel pumped up and proud of yourself for finishing no matter what your fitness level is.

MINI BOOTCAMP: The same workout as our signature bootcamp class but condensed into 30 minutes so you're in and out! It's perfect for a busy schedule!

REAL RYDER SPIN: Indoor cycling evolved! Real Ryder spin classes burn serious calories and offers an awesome aerobic and strength workout. More muscles are recruited to build your abs, upper body and lower body. You can proudly finish a class, regardless of your fitness level, simply by adjusting your pace or the tension knob on the bike.

LIT: Low intensity training is a 30 minute bootcamp class designed to help you slow down and focus on posture, core strength, stability and form. The foundational pieces needed to get stronger, leaner and healthier while reducing the risk of injury.

TRAMPOLEAN: Oh yea baby! This class is so much fun! A quick 20 minute calorie scorcher! Build your LEGS & BOOTY! Anyone got Carrie Underwood's Legs on their goal board?


TURN UP WITH TRISHA: We are sharing our playlist and our dance moves with you for a HIGH ENERGY and super fun cardio dance workout. Your whole body will feel it and you won't even realize it until you leave! SO.MUCH.FUN Y'ALL!

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